Supervision and Appraisal Packages

We empathise with registered managers who may not have the time or resources to conduct in-depth supervisions with their in-house trainers. We realise that many are unfamiliar with the range of tools available to teach in the 21st century, strategies to support learners in reaching threshold concepts, assessment methodology, and new and emerging ways to exhibit individual and or whole workforce learning evidence. Without experience in education management and with scarce time to keep abreast with changes in a separate sector, care managers may not feel entirely confident guiding and advising in-house trainers on educational practices during supervision and appraisal.


Quality care provision begins in the learning environment. It is reliant on the talent and skills of educators to effectively engage, inspire, excite and motivate audiences into action - to facilitate learning that is remembered for the lifetime of an individual's chosen career. 


To support registered managers and their trainers, we offer a confidential and cost effective external supervision and appraisal service via senior teaching and learning practitioners - 'change agents' awarded accolades for their contribution to FE. Enrolling Ltd is proud to have on board professionals contracted by leading awarding organisations to draft H&SC qualifications and to standards verify assessment decisions made by schools, colleges and independent training providers nationwide. With years of managerial experience in a range of health and social care settings and comprehensive understanding of the complex needs of specific service user groups, you can be assured of a unique targeted service delivered by professionals with dual expertise.

Providing guidance, options, demonstration and information on...

  • Course design (learning outcomes/materials/integrating digital skills/engaging activities/blended and micro learning)
  • New and emerging assessment methods
  • Cross referencing techniques to avoid repetitive learning and duplication of assessment evidence
  • Preparing to deliver and assess 'Care Certificate' components
  • The range of technologies and tools which can enhance educational experiences, reduce administrative burden, improve workforce performance, care provision and outcomes for service users and their families
  • Maximising the potential of technology to intellectually stimulate service users, connect with families and engage communities
  • Widening participation for service users 
  • E-portfolios - independently building valid and reliable evidence of learning, storing achievement and formatting for professional exhibition 
  • Quality Assurance matters


Cost exl VAT


£1095 - 4 Quarterly visits over 12 hrs

£395 - One off visit up to 3 hrs

Enrolling Ltd is setting the standard as the first independent social care training provider in the UK to deliver short courses embedded with digital literacy skills, and to offer supervision and appraisal packages which support the development of digital champions in the sector.

"Our commitment to find solutions and stage interventions for and on behalf of socially isolated seniors experiencing or at risk of ill health owing to loneliness will remain crucial to our service development and delivery."




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